Welcome to the 2019 SCA World Championship!

Details on the 2019 SCA World Championship will be posted soon!

How do you qualify?

A)   The winner of every SCA sanctioned event will be invited to the SCA Championship. (If the winner of the event is not a member at the time of their win, they will have until the following Monday at 8am to become a member.  If they do not become a member, the invitation will roll down to the highest placing member, no lower than 10th place.) Should the winner already be qualified, the next team at the cookoff will get the invitation. If there are no teams eligible for the invite then the invite will become an “At Large Bid”.  

B)     The top ten in the 2019 Ace Hardware Points Chase that are not already qualified with a win on September 5th, will get an invitation to the SCA Championship. (30 days prior to championship allowing teams to make travel plans)

C)  The top ten in SCA Europe and SCA Australia points chase that are not already qualified with a win on August 1st, will get an invitation to the SCA Championship.  (60 days prior to championship allowing teams to make travel plans)

D)   On September 5th the “At Large Bids” will be awarded to the next people in the points chase to replace teams.

E)  All event after the dates above are still qualifiers for the 2019  SCA World Championship.  The hard dates are to give teams that might get at large bids the time to make travel plans.

What happends at the event?

The SCA World Champinship is the largest steak cookoff in the world and the finally of the SCA season. The 4 day event has something for everyone and is held in Fort Worth, TX.  The event draws teams from around the world to compte for a $10,000 firstplace prize plus the SCA World Championship ring.

Thursday:  The international team welcome party is held to welcome the teams that came from other countries to compete.  We encourage all teams to come to the party and make the international teams feel welcomed.

Friday:  SCA  Family Reunion This is our year end awards ceremony and team introductions.  This is the party guys talk about all season long!  (See video below)  We have some big things planned for this years event stay tuned! 

Saturday:  Round one of the SCA World Championship.  The top 40 teams will advance to the finals on Sunday.  The points leader in the US, Europe and Australia will get an automatic bid into the final round on Sunday!

Sunday:  The SCA Kickoff Classic and the SCA World Championship final round. The Kickoff classic is the first event of the 2020 season and is open to any team to compete.  You do not have to be involved in the World Championship event to cook the Kickoff Classic.

2019 SCA Championship Host Hotels

We have secured room blocks at the following hotels to allow teams to be close to the event, share common spaces with others that are attending the event and give a great price to the attendees.

List of hotels coming soon!

2018 SCA World Championship Video

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